Gender Affirming Care

Growing up can be challenging, and for children and teenagers questioning their gender identity, it can feel overwhelming. Our caring, compassionate team of doctors and staff offer education and support in a safe, welcoming environment. All gender identities and expressions are welcome at Mosaic.

Gender affirming care and transitions

We offer education and support, along with sexual and reproductive health services for youth:

  • Personalized, gender-affirming care plans
  • Hormone therapy and other treatments
  • Counseling regarding options for hormone therapy for gender transition
  • Referrals to surgeons for gender-affirming surgical treatment
  • Gynecologic and contraceptive care that is sensitive to each patient’s needs, including IUD insertion and removal, breast/chest healthcare, and STI screening and treatment

Download a list of Transgender Youth Resources here

Supporting gender affirming care

Meet the Mosaic pediatric providers who are passionate advocates for transgender and gender diverse youth healthcare. All Mosaic providers practice with the same welcoming and respectful values.